X2 believes that virtual events are not as powerful as in-person events and we believe this is only an interim solution in order to allow the opportunity of our X2 community members to see each other again and cross share subjects and update one another on topics that they may wish to share.

The X2 Virtual Meeting has been designed in a simplistic way allowing for a more flexible approach to meeting each other first of all in zoom forum and then allowing the ability for the attendees of the conference to fix their meetings with chosen delegates over pre-specified time slots via our one on one meeting scheduler.

We hope that the X2 Virtual Meeting will save time, money and enables delegates to conduct fruitful business meetings without any hassles. We expect all who register to participate and not let anyone down.

The live online one2one meetings will be the core of the event and have the same structure as the in-person versions. The agenda has been extended to cover every day the different time zones and give enough flexibility to all participants for scheduling their preferred meeting times and availability.

The Zoom meetings will scheduled for each network separately and the live online one2one meeting scheduler will be scheduled over a 3 day period.